Maggie Wonsick - Personal Training, Build and Burn

I’m Maggie Wonsick and my husband and I have been owners of Train Yard Gym & Fitness for over 20 years. After years of being a too-scrawny runner who was neurotic about not wanting to get fat, I discovered strength training during college as a way to gain lean mass so I could meet the weight standards to get into the Air Force. I feel so empowered by being strong and healthy...even into my 50+ years...that I want everyone around me to feel the same way! I have been experimenting on myself with nutrition and exercise for over 30 years and training others for over 10 years and I love putting these insights into play to help my clients. I work with people from teens through 70+ who have a variety of goals: bulking up, slimming down, raising their general fitness level, targeting sport-specific skills, gaining balance and mobility, and even staying healthy through pregnancy and rebounding afterwards. My favorite aspect of training is helping people astound themselves by being able to do things they never thought they could accomplish!

One random fact about me is that I was a meteorologist in the Air Force for 9 years so please think twice before bashing a weather forecaster in front of me 😂

Laszlo Fogarasi - Personal Training

My name is Laszlo Fogarasi but most people call me Laz. I am an ACTION Certified Personal Trainer. I'm from Budapest, Hungary where I was born and raised. I started training people there when I opened my Pro-Wrestling school. In 2013 I moved to the United States to further my career as a Pro-Wrestler. While living here I was trained by former IFBB Pro and Mr. Olympia competitor Steve Namat. Working and learning from him inspired me to finally get certified. With that I found my true passion, which is helping people to better health, strength, and mental happiness through training and nutrition. Let's work together and get the most out of YOU!

Fun facts: I am a currently active Professional Wrestler. I'm a former Hungarian Heavyweight Champion and a current World Heavyweight Champion with over 500 matches under my belt. I worked with WWE as well as trained and tried out for them a couple of times. I'm bilingual: Hungarian is my first and English is my second language.

Amy Hill - Personal Training, TRX Plus, Foundations

Hi Train Yard Fam! I’m Amy Hill and if you’ve come to classes, we’ve probably met. I am an instructor for TRX and Foundations and also a personal trainer and I am having so much fun in this endeavor. I have struggled with weight my entire life and my school chums would probably be shocked to see me now. I began my fitness journey in 2017 (at 40) when I realized I didn’t like the way I felt or the way I looked. I needed to make a change and began a slow and steady progression. A friend brought me to the Train Yard for a class and I’ve never turned back. I love the technical aspects behind workouts – i.e. I want to know what I should be concentrating on with each exercise and exactly how to do it correctly. If you try out my classes or train with me, you’ll notice an attention to proper form. I want everyone to get the most out of each workout to maximize their achievements. I’m also a strong believer in focusing not on what your body won’t do at this moment in time but finding what you CAN do.

Hmmmm, some things you might find interesting about me are I love to dance, but I’m incredibly shy, for several years I was a confident class 4+ whitewater kayaker, but I also quilt, and a life goal is to visit all the National Parks.

Brock Wonsick - Personal Training

My name is Brock Wonsick. I have been training people (unofficially) since I was 16 and I am now certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. When I was 18 I joined the Marine Corps where I soon discovered my love being a mentor and teacher. Nothing made me happier than watching my guys succeed in their careers, in the gym, and in their lives. When I got out after 5 years, I had a lot of injuries and a lot of trouble doing basic things like playing with my dog. I spent the past 2 years learning to correct these injuries and now I am getting back to being the strongest I’ve ever been. Now my goal is to help YOU develop the physical and mental strength, discipline, and resilience to succeed and overcome all of the challenges in your life.

Fun fact: Hablo espanol!

Tom Durika - Personal Training

I’m Thomas Durika, and I am a personal trainer (CPT) certified through NASM, as well as a Weight Loss Specialist (WLS). As a younger kid, I never truly understood the importance of fitness. I was overweight for most of my childhood and had a hard time losing weight and gaining muscle. I started my weight loss journey at 238 lbs when I was 15. I lost weight and became critically underweight with an eating disorder (anorexia), sitting around 147 lbs just a year later. However, through hard work and the support of people around me, I was able to gain weight and gain muscle. I fell in love with training and realized its importance in daily life. My #1 goal is to go out and help as many people as I can after so many people supported me and helped me. By working with me, you have a trainer who will push you to your limits, keep you accountable to your goals, and work with you to overcome any barrier that you might come across, while having fun doing it!

Fun Facts: I am currently studying to be a math teacher at Messiah. I also do competitive eSports for Messiah and all throughout Central PA. I love strength training and my favorite exercise is weighted pull ups. My favorite foods are cereal, pancakes, and watermelon!

Sara Hanes - StrongerU, HIIT Zone, Weekend Warrior

I’m Sara Hanes. I have a super busy job but always find time for fitness! I fell in love with fitness at a young age through gym class. I started strength training in high school to tone up and have been challenging myself ever since. I became a certified personal trainer in 2017 to gain more knowledge and assist in empowering others to achieve their goals through health, fitness and well-being. I enjoy mixing up training with clients through functional fitness, mobility, heavy lifts, and HIIT training!

A random fact you may not know about me is that I love to rap and all out dance while I work out 🏋️‍♂️

Raelee Sweigart - Zumba and STRONG Nation

Hi! My name is Raelee Sweigart and I am the Zumba instructor at Train Yard and I also teach STRONG Nation. I started teaching Zumba in July of 2019, and have been taking class since 2009. My full time job is to teach high school math, and I also teach snowboarding in the Winters. I always wanted to take dance classes growing up, but between snowboarding, karate, soccer, and the many other activities I did, there was no time for dance. So, when I discovered Zumba I fell in love instantly! I got my dance minor in college, and started dancing for a studio after I graduated. I kept putting off getting my Zumba license and finally last year I made it one of my goals to get licensed and I am so glad that I pushed myself to accomplish that! In 2022 I completed the Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) course and became a certified AFAA GFI.

One random/weird fact about me is: my all time favorite food is corn on the cob!

Allison Ramsey - Cardio Kickboxing

My name is Allison Ramsey and I am the Cardio Kickboxing Instructor at Train Yard. I started taking a Cardio Kickboxing class through East Pennsboro Recreation in 2012. I had only been occasionally exercising and signing up for gym membership(s) that I inevitably never used. This class is what truly got me passionate about working out again. I continued taking this class to get myself into a better, healthier, and happier place. The instructor of this class made me so confident in my abilities that I would occasionally sub in for her, and when she was no longer able to teach it in 2016, she recommended that I take over. I immediately jumped at this opportunity because I had recently become a stay-at-home mother so this was the perfect way for me to get “my body back”, get some time to myself, and do what I loved: Teaching & Cardio Kickboxing.

If you have never taken a Cardio Kickboxing class, the first step, as with any class, is not being afraid to try. While we do not wear gloves (but some people choose to wear them) or use a punching bag, we still get an intense overall body workout. All moves are choreographed to music; however, I am constantly switching it up. Each class will be similar but rarely identical. Hope to meet you soon!!!

Random Fact: I come from a long line of teachers in my family – Grandparents (father’s side) & my father were all teachers, and my sister is currently a teacher. We say it runs in our blood so much so that I have been known to talk about my Algebra lessons in my sleep.

Seth Quigley - Muay Thai Fundamentals

My name is Seth Quigley and I'm an NCSF certified personal trainer. I grew up right here in Central PA (Perry county specifically). I started training my senior year of high school and I've been hooked ever since.

I've been training Muay Thai for nearly 3 years and prioritize mobility/flexibility in my training regime. If there's one thing I've learned from martial arts and training in general, it's that there's always a goal we're trying to achieve. Regardless of this goal, the only thing that will get you there is consistency and dedication. I strive to bring this same attitude to training my clients. Regardless of where you are or where you want to go, I will remain consistent and dedicated to your training regime and your needs as my client.

Fun facts: I'm an arborist as my full time occupation, climbing and cutting down trees from hundreds of feet. I LOVE bodyweight training, especially work on olympic rings and the pull up bar. I also play guitar and sing (maybe you can catch me at a local gig sometime)

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